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The Project

BeLearning is a methodology designed to learn, share, transfer and enjoy knowledge. It uses ICTs through a blend training combining meeting, working and researching in a rich mix of interactions with traditional media: presentations, workshops and actions as concrete results. The aim of the project is to transfer the BeLearning methodology to be used in other European countries to expand the employability possibilities of learners via the acquisition of a mix of digital, educational and social competences.

BeLearning results
Seminari d’explotació de resultats
Wednesday, october 29th, 2014
CC Convent Sant Agustí
C/ Comerç 36, 08003 Barcelona
Xavier Capdevila • Paco Gonzalez • Ramon Espelt • Lluís Sabadell • Juan Pedregosa • Òscar Martinez


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This project has been carried out with the support of the European Community and the Life Long Learning Programme- Transfer of Innovation. The views and opinions expressed in the Web site do not necessarily state or reflect those of the European Commission.